Powertalk: “Yeah its Monday”

”Every day I look forward to going to work, and I know I am making a big difference”

Are these words true for you and your colleagues?

More companies realize that it’s very important to focus on the wellbeing of the imployees to achieve better financial results. It is very simple and it all starts with you. Do you want a healthy and happy everyday life, then let’s get you moving in the right direction.

What will you and your company get from the power talk “Joy at Work”?

  • Happy people perform better, have fewer sick days and less stress
  • Working is more fun when we know how to create excitement
  • That everybody knows how to make a difference for each individual colleague
  • Awareness of each other’s most important values
  • Readiness for constant change in an ever changing world
  • Simple coaching tools that will help you in reaching your goals
  • That when you feel good you perform better and therefore make more money

“The only permanent thing is change” – Buddha

Teaching method

Welcome to a live and energetic classroom where we give all your senses a wake up call. We believe that you learn faster and better when you are emotionally involved and have some good laughs. The psychology behind the methods is that everything you do is motivated by getting away from pain and towards pleasure.

“He who laughs most, learns best” – John Cleese

Contact information

you are more than welcome to call me direct at 0045 20 23 23 31 to hear more.